Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many business professionals are now working from home with an uncertain timeline of when they will return to office. These new developments have come with their own realities. Companies are at the risk of having a downturn in sales as most people are social distancing which has resulted in less public activities while they also try to manage their spendings around essentials.

Some businesses will be able to cope with the adjustment. Others will struggle as they might not have the necessary tools and innovations to manage the change in business operations amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. This can make it easy for them to lose track of their business during this period. 

We have compiled some ideas on how to keep your business afloat during this period:

CUSTOMER RETENTION IS KEY: Focus on retention – building a loyalty strategy, implementing on-site messaging, and leveraging retention tools like email and SMS, and making things personal. Show your customers you care about them.

PROVIDE DIGITAL OFFERINGS: Due to physical limitations, people are turning to their devices to stay connected. This is the time to capitalize on your digital presence and adapt your business where possible. Try to minimize losses by providing digital offerings. If you’re a personal trainer, think about offering live or recorded training instructions for your clients. Perhaps you’re a food vendor, explore the idea of making home deliveries.

DON’T STOP COMMUNICATING: Many people will be spending more time on social media this period, so it will be important to ensure you maintain steady content marketing on social media. You need to communicate consistently. This helps you remain in the minds of your clients. 

DON’T STOP SELLING YOUR BUSINESS: Consider how you can position your product in a way that feels more appropriate for the moment and acknowledges some of the challenges customers are currently facing. It is important to keep on informing your customers about your products or services, as this would let them know that you are still open for patronage, but do so with utmost sensitivity in a way that resonates with the times.

USE FREE TOOLS AND SERVICES: To help businesses adjust, a number of technology companies are offering free versions of their services and tools during the outbreak. This may help you manage costs during this period. Some of these tech offers that can help organizations stay afloat during the outbreak include: TABLEAU, OKTA, TRELLO, ATLASSIAN, SALESFORCE, IGLOO and SANS.

There is no pre-planned guide on how best to handle the changes amidst the novel COVID-19 pandemic, since we are all just learning  to deal with such a situation. Moreover, what works for one business might not work for another. Many more changes are likely to unfold in the coming weeks, which means smart business owners will need to constantly adapt to the current situation and adjust marketing strategies as needed.  

While this can be a difficult course to navigate, you need to learn constantly, adapt well, and listen to your customers. This will provide the insights you need to move forward.