Enabling social development

Work in an environment that supports social innovators and organisations. Meet and collaborate with like minds.
Through our strong partner network, we provide the best strategic and technology solutions. We support you with advisory that helps you scale your innovation.
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Your Social Development Partner

The core of our business is enabling social innovation. When we make innovation possible, we improve quality of life, income level, access to basic services and societal growth. This is why we have created a platform that allows development initiatives scale faster.

We link promising development projects with impact investors and government agencies. We connect foreign agencies and investors with local initiatives and provide technical support to accelerate their impact.

The CANs Ecofriendly Project

We are creating new lives out of these containers and mak- ing them into amazing workspaces. These containers are safe, eco-friendly and less costly than regular building materials.

Join Our Growing Community

We are creating spaces where social innovators and people who care about African development can meet, interact, have fun and most importantly collaborate to move the world forward.

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